Bony Bronchicron C&D - 200 ml
Phytotherapeutic drink, based on herbs used by dogs and cats who suffer from problems with their mucosa of the upper respiratory tract.
16,95 €
Bony L-Lysine Plus - 100 gr
L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that is important in the production of essential body proteins. The body can not produce this amino acid itself, and it is therefore important that this enters the body via the feed. Among other things, the addition of magnesium and vitamin B6 will promote the uptake of L-Lysine.
18,95 €
Dzbanek fajansowe z przeszklonymi bazy. Olej utrzymuje gleby w przeszklonym dzbanek utrzymane, a przez porowate góry paruje olej.
2,50 €