List of products by brand Bony Farma - Poultry Products

Bony Bio Boost Poultry - 250 ml
Bony Bio Boost is composed of mono-, di- and triglycerides of fatty acids. Research has shown that these short and medium chain glycerides possess antibacterial and antiviral animal performance enhancing properties.
Bony Bolectrol Poultry - 250 ,l
Bony Bolectrol helps to restore the fluid balance due to dehydration during heat, exertion or disease (eg Diarrhea).
Bony Bronchicron Poultry - 200 ml
Herbal phytotherapeutic drink to be used in cases where poultry have problems with the mucous membranes of the front respiratory tract.
Bony Calcium-Plus Poultry - 50 ml
Bony Calcium-Plus Poultry has been specially developed to be used in the event of a lack of calcium, phosphorus and trace elements.
Bony Coxi-Plus Poultry - 50 ml
Bony Coxi-Plus Poultry contains Oregano and Usnea barbata, but also several other herbs. Oregano naturally contains antibacterial and antiparasitic properties and is therefore used for problems with coccidiosis and worms. Usnea barbata contains, among other things, usnic acid, which has a number of biological properties, such as an antibacterial effect against gram-positive bacteria (eg Staphylococcus, Streptococcus).
Bony HerbaCal Poultry - 300 gr
Bony HerbaCal is a mixture of herbs and minerals that can be made available at will. It contains a high content of calcium. Bony HerbaCal is one of our range of products that helps support basic poultry health.
Bony Mineral Poultry - 50 ml
Minerals are often difficult to absorb for poultry. They must therefore be readily available for birds to be able to absorb enough of them. By now offering these minerals in chelated form, utilization is significantly improved. This allows optimal utilization of these minerals and trace elements.
Bony Moultingvitamins Poultry - 100 gr
Bony Moultingvitamins Poultry is a powerful mix with a high dosage of vitamins B, provitamines and biotin. This powder is therefore very effective during the moulting-season.
Bony PreviSal Poultry - 250 ml
Bony PreviSal is composed of mono-, di, and triglycerides of propionic acid and butyric acid. Research has shown that these glycerides contribute to reducing Salmonella infections.
Bony Sambucca Plus Poultry - 250 ml
This product is based on the herb Sambucca Nigra that is known for its protective function against viruses. The acidity stimulates development of a healthy intestinal flora. 
Bony SGR Poultry - 250 ml
Acidifying herbal drink for pigeons. Contains among other things, Echinacea. Supports the resistance of the organism. Supports the resistance against bacteria and fungi.
Bony Vita-Mina Poultry - 100 gr
Bony Vita-Mina Poultry contains the perfect blend of vitamins, pro-vitamins, minerals and trace elements.