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Bony PreviSal
Bony PreviSal is composed of mono-, di, and triglycerides of propionic acid and butyric acid. Research has shown that these glycerides contribute to reducing Salmonella infections. Bony PreviSal provides naturally a defense line against Salmonella.
From: €22.50
Bony SGR
Acidifying herbal drink for pigeons. Contains among other things, Echinacea. Supports the resistance of the organism. Supports the resistance against bacteria and fungi.
From: €16.95
Bony Bolectrol Plus
Bony Bolectrol Plus supports the restoration of the fluid balance after strong efforts or recovery after an illness.
From: €12.95
Bony Bronchicron - 200 ml
Phytotherapeutic drink, based on herbs used by pigeons who suffer from problems with their mucosa of the upper respiratory tract.
Bony Usneano Plus
This combination contains Usnea barbata, but also Oregano and several other herbs. This composition is made to help support the condition of the pigeons and promote health.
From: €21.95
Bony Sambucca Plus
This product is based on the herb Sambucus Nigra that is known for its protective function against viruses. The acidity stimulates development of a healthy intestinal flora. Very suitable for use with young birds disease, possibly in combination with an appropriate antibiotic.
From: €23.95
Bony Joint Formula
Bony Joint Formula is a high-quality preparation, which is applicable at dogs and cats with joint and articular capsule. 
From: €40.95
Bony Bio Complete - 250 ml
Bony Bio Complete can be used to improve the intestinal flora. Therefore very suitable for preventive healthcare.
Bony Mineral - 50 ml
Minerals are mostly poorly absorbable by pigeons. These minerals have to be abundantly available for the pigeons to absorb. In the current chelated form, the efficiency of these minerals has increased, which lead to an optimized utilization..
Bony Air - 100 ml
Bony Air consists of multiple ethereal oils, which have a specific effect on the airways. Bony Air is among other things used as support in the treatment of a respiratory infection. The used ethereal oils may have a beneficial effect on the respiratory and antiseptic. Also, there is a nebulizer available.
Bony Omega 3 Breedig Oil - 500 ml
Bony Omega 3 Breedig Oil is a high-quality oil, composed from first quality cold-pressed flax seed oil, suitable for human consumption. This oil is enriched with high-quality, extremely pure certified fish oil with a high content of ALA, EPA and DHA. This means that this oil is extremely suitable to give the pigeons during the breeding season.
Bony Breeding Support - 350 gr
Bony Breeding Support is a product that is especially developed for the breeding period. Breeding can be stressful, for as well as the youngsters as the older pigeons. Bony Breeding Support is a well-balanced preparation of essential nutrients. It can contribute to the youngsters by getting them much faster and more vital past the breeding period.
Bony Omega 3 Flight Oil Octa 20.000 - 500 ml
Bony Omega 3 Flight Oil Octa 20.000 is a balanced combination of oils that are suitable for use during the racing season. Octacosanol is an example of a nutriceutical. This substance attributes to a higher perseverance and the will to train increases. Octacosanol takes care of a better muscle-metabolism and a slower acidification of the muscles.
Bony Bio BMT - 500 gr
Bony Bio B.M.T. is a product that is extremely suitable for the basic condition of the pigeons. Contains a.o. proteins and a mix of monoglycerides and diglycerides of butyric acid, caprylic acid, carboxylic acid, propionic acid and lauric acid.
Bony Omega 3 Nucleovit - 500 ml
Nucleotides have a huge effect on producing new cells. The body can produce them, but this requires time and energy. During the moulting period and in periods of stress or recovery, this product can help to overcome difficulties in less time.
Bony A-Booster - 50 ml
Bony A-Booster is a highly concentrated solution containing amino-acids and vitamins.
Bony Eyedrops - 20 ml
Bony Eeyedrops is a care product for ocular mucous membranes, the nictitating membrane, the tear duct and mucous membranes of the nose with wet eyes and respiratory infections. Naturally Bony Eyedrops (natural) contains no cortisones.
Bony Probiotics
Good intestinal bacteria are very important in keeping a good health and in optimizing the resistance. Bony Probiotics contains Lactobacillus s.p.p. with a full range of rootstocks including Lactobacilus farciminis, which helps strengthen the pigeons intestinal flora. Research shows that Lactobacilus farciminis reduces the sickening E. Coli bacteria. 
From: €17.95
Bony Herb Tea - 300 gr
Bony Herbal Tea is a mixture of more than 20 herbs and plants. This tea is very effective as purifying cure after the racing season and in the moulting period.
Bony Carni-MAG Plus
Bony Carni-MAG Plus contains a high concentration of L-Carnitne. L-Carnitine plays a role in fat metabolism. In addition, Bony L-Carnitine contains a high concentration of vitamin C.
From: €16.50
Bony Basis Essence - 600 gr
Bony Basis Essence is a mixture that can be offered to pigeons as you please. Bony Basic Essence is one of the products from our gamma that helps to support the basic health of pigeons. Bony Basic Essence can be supplied over the food in combination with Bony B.M.T. as adhesive to the food Bony Omega 3 Nucleovit can be used.
Bony Recovery Capsules - 100 caps
Bony Recovery Capsules are enriched with Whey proteins and vitamins. Besides, they are also enriched with chlorella. Chlorella is a single cell algae from Korea.  This algae is rich with chlorophyll and because of this enriched with magnesium. Glutamine is an amino acid which is important for a healthy function of the intestinal and muscle cells. An extra dosage after a flight contributes to a faster recovery of the muscles and digestion.
Bony Base Package
The Basic Package is a combination of supporting nutritional supplements that provides the pigeons with a healthy basis, both during the growing up and during the moulting, racing and breeding seasons. Available as a basic package large, medium and small.
From: €80.79