Bony Farma Bird Products: Philosophy behind the products

The guiding principle is to promote the health of your birds by administering feed supplements containing natural nutrients that contribute to optimal health. Both during and outside of the moulting, breeding and exhibition periods, these supplements will promote your birds’ form and well-being, optimising vitality. These feed supplements are not veterinary medicinal products, but simply additives that can help prevent and reduce the use of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic agents, which in turn reduces the chance of disease outbreaks.

Medicines are still being administered according to dosages and traditions from the 1970s and 1980s. However, since that time, the scientific understanding of infections caused bybacteria, viruses and parasites has vastly improved. For example, the resistance of bacteria and protozoa requires adjusted dosages.

When they care for your birds, most veterinarians rely on standard veterinary medicine, which is focused on making sick animals well again. If an animal is sick, the usual course of action is to prescribe medicine, such as a deworming drug or an antibiotic, with the aim of killing the pathogen as quickly as possible. The aim is to rapidly eliminate the cause of the patient’s suffering, which naturally has our full support.

A step further

However, our support for your birds goes a step further. For more than 35 years, Bony Farma Animal Health has been searching for new ways to contribute to the general and natural immunity of your birds. This means the negative consequences of an infection or other illness can be treated more rapidly. The aim of Bony Farma Bird Products is to create an environment that provides optimal support for your birds’ natural defences, minimising the chance of illness.

It is therefore of the utmost importance that you leave as little as possible to chance. The best approach is to stay as close as possible to nature and take full advantage of the possibilities that nature has to offer. That is why Bony Farma Bird Products are predominantly based on a varied selection of nutrients, herbs and spices that support natural defences and improve the immune system, respiratory tract and gut flora, for healthy birds in top condition!