Our animal health center Beek medically supervises pigeon racing. For many years the moving spirit of this supervision is veterinarian P.G.L.J. Boskamp.
He developes medicines and animal food supplements to raise the defence mechanism of pigeons in order to decrease addiction to medicines.
We sell a large scale of animal food supplements and products to support a quick recovery of the birds after a race. 

The pigeonvetcenter is to be visited for:

- Medical requirements and complete guidance of racing pigeons
- Parasitology (Worms, Coccidiosis etc.)
- Bacteriology (Salmonella, E-Coli etc.)
- Viral research (Paramyxo, Adeno, Rota etc.)
- Crop analysis
- Vaccinations (Paramyxo, Paratyphus, Pox, Rota etc.)
- Fungal analysis
- Blood analysis
- Fertility treatments
- Operations
- Post-mortum diagnostics
- Observation of the birds
- Faeces-examination; it's possible to send droppings for analysis via the post
- X-ray-diagnostics

For veterinary guidance of the pigeon sport.