Newsletter - April 2021

In recent weeks, several enthusiasts visited our clinic who indicated that they wanted to follow a natural program. I now also think that it is good to initiate our natural system from the point of view of the disease care, health care and performance care as described in my book "Keeping pigeons healthy". The starting point is that the enthusiast knows how to feed. That he uses good food and consistent quality.

Sickness care
First of all, it is important to determine or have it determined before the season whether there are still problems with the airways or other shortcomings in the pigeons that can be remedied through medical intervention. This must be remedied at least fourteen days before the start of the flights, so that the pigeons have sufficient time to recover from the necessary treatment with medicines. As far as health care is concerned, especially during the first flights when the infection pressure in the travel baskets is highest, it is necessary to keep a close eye on the pulse to check whether an infection has again contracted during the stay in the baskets. If an association in the region performs relatively poorly, this is certainly an important factor.
Once the infections have been contained, it is important to ensure that the chance of new infections being picked up very quickly is avoided as much as possible. This can be achieved by optimally supporting the resistance of the pigeons. With our Basic System, the Bony S.G.R. and the Bony Bio complete as the base. Practice shows that regularly providing both drinks in the drinking water alternately contributes greatly to good intestinal health. This in turn supports the general resistance in such a way that the pigeons are often less sensitive to general infections. To further support this in its entirety, the Bony Usneano Plus is provided in the drinking water the day after returning home. This drink makes it quite difficult for the Coccidiosis and the canker.
The three products that we recommend about feed during the week are on the transition between Healthcare and Performance Care. The Bony Omega Nucleovit de Bony Bio B.M.T. and the Bony Base Core combined, this combination not only supports the resistance, but also contributes to the build-up of the performance level at the beginning of the flight series.
As soon as more is asked of the pigeons, the Bony Power Glutavit, Bony Trainingsmix and Bony MR Plus come into the picture. The first is mainly used during the build-up to the further Vitess flights and the Middle Distance flights, while the Bony Trainingsmix and Bony MR Plus have more than earned its spurs during the one-day and multi-day Long Distance flights. Where the transition in the use of the aforementioned products lies, depends on the flight conditions and the "fingerspitz feeling" of the enthusiast. Both of these products are provided over the feed with fly oil, for example.
The performance should improve considerably with the above means. But many enthusiasts swear to put the 10 drops of Bony Mineral in the drinking water before the flights. These trace elements ensure that the pigeons come home fitter and do not fall on the spot like squeezed mops. It has been one of the top products within the Bony range for years.
When the middle distance races are coming, it can be good to give the pigeons an extra impulse.
To this end, the Bony Mineral is then mixed with the Bony Cat Plus in the drinking water. The combination provides a boost during the flights.

During the One-day and Multi-day Long Distance races we give the Bony SGR for a few days in a row. In the multi-day long distance races the last four days before basketing. The last three days we give the Bony Cat Plus and the last two days the Bony Mineral.
In the multi-day long distance races we give the last three days the Bony Training mix over the feed with Fly Oil 2.0.
The combination of the above products ensures a balanced build-up of performance towards the flights. The pigeons go into the baskets well prepared.
Pigeons that are in our supervision are also eligible for the special capsules on the day of basketing. It is important to determine whether the pigeons are doing well.
Pigeons that are sub-optimal also do not benefit from this kind of balancing natural capsules. You don't make racehorses out of donkeys.
But what about all those other products that are also in the catalog? Let me be clear about that. Start at the beginning and build the pigeons. That is good advice that is unfortunately ignored by many enthusiasts. According to many, this "building up" takes too much time and so people want to resort to some of the remaining products. Products that are in principle developed for special circumstances, as soon as the normal system fails.
For example, enthusiasts who are supervised by the clinic indicate that despite all good intentions, the appetite for flying is still moderate. The Bony Endurance and the Bony Training Mix have been developed for those cases. Both products build up the urge to fly and endurance. But sensible enthusiasts can also achieve that with the aforementioned products. They do not immediately use the 'turbos.
Both Bony Endurance and the Bony Training Mix contain, among other things, Octacosanol. Scientific research has shown that this substance offers the possibility to increase endurance by approx. 10%, provided that the build-up phase that is desired for an optimal result is met. To this end, one should give this mix during the training build-up for approx. 14 consecutive days, whether or not in combination with Bony Omega Fly Oil Octa 20,000. After this period, a donation of twice a week will suffice.
Common vitamin preparations that can be given after recovery from illness are the Bony Farvisol or the Bony Fly Vitamin.
Do the pigeons return from the flight? Then the pigeons can be collected with Bony Bolectrol Plus, supplemented with 10 drops of Bony A-Booster. The Bony A-Booster is a concentrate of directly absorbable amino acids that enable a quick recovery after the flight. The Bony Recovery Capsules are designed for pigeons that have suffered because they have roamed for a few days. However, these have found their way with many fanciers after the flights to support the pigeons individually. In addition, the advice is to give Bony Usneano Plus when you return home.
Now this is not the whole range of Bony products. There are other products to mention, such as the widely used Bony Bronchicron. But I still want to end the list here before the overview is lost again.

I hope that this newsletter has brought clarity to those who do not yet know how to use our products but should get started.

No timetable
The persistent demand for a schedule that provides insight into the natural guidance of the pigeon sport, resulted in the "Bony System" at the time. However, we are and remain of the opinion that schedules only serve as a starting point for the individual enthusiast and not as a timetable to be followed blindly. Every loft is different; one must never lose sight of that. Good medical supervision of the pigeon sport must consist of customization, adapted to the circumstances of the individual (top) loft. To give an impression of the possibilities, a basic schedule is provided in the catalog that can be adapted to the individual loft conditions.
Enjoy reading.
Peter Boskamp