About us

Bony Farma emerged from the desire to produce professional nutritional supplements for animals, which can contribute to the overall health of the pets. Years of experience in guiding especially the pigeon sport by veterinarian Peter Boskamp has proved beyond doubt that it is possible by optimizing the selection of appropriate supplements to the health of the animals. Thereby reducing the risk of occurrence of diseases.

Parallel Bony Farma has developed a number of supplements for other species. In the course of a few years a whole range of health support products and supplements where developed for dogs and cats. For too long, the emphasis in veterinary merely located on treating sick animals. The world's win was thereby often forgotten by supporting the health of the animals. Fortunately, there are always more welcome initiatives that fill this gap.

Bony Farma builds on the insights developed through the work of veterinarian Boskamp over the years and hopes, now and in the future to contribute to the promotion of general health. Our motto is: Prevention is better than to cure.